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Yeovil Town FC player Frank Nouble sets up football academy

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Footballer Frank Nouble hopes to coach the next generation of players through his academy

A professional footballer has set up an academy to inspire the next generation of footballers.

Yeovil Town player Frank Nouble set up the training camp in November last year to provide coaching for young supporters of the club.

He said they only expected to have around 11 or 12 children, but that they are now coaching about 30.

One boy said: "It's really cool because, whenever he scores my dad just goes to me 'Oh that's your coach'".

Mr Nouble told BBC Somerset he remembers how much of an influence his coaches had on him when he was growing up, so he started the academy "to pass down my experiences".

"It's been brilliant," he said.

"It gives us life every weekend after our games and I'm sure the kids are enjoying it."

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Frank Nouble said coaching has become a "new hobby"

The group plays every Sunday at the football club in Huish Park.

And having a professional football player as a coach has proved very exciting for both the children and their parents.

One of the children said he was excited to learn "how to do a rainbow flickā€¦and I've also beaten my keepy-uppies record three times".

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Yeovil Town teammate Sonny Blu Lo-Everton is also coaching at the academy

Mr Nouble is joined by his Yeovil Town teammate, Sonny Blu Lo-Everton, coaching at the academy.

He said that coaching has become a "new hobby" and he plans to complete his official UEFA B badges this summer.

The footballers are now encouraging people to get in touch via email or social media to register any interest.

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