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Keane and Sir Alex agreed for first time ever on trend FIFA called 'dangerous'

To say Roy Keane and Sir Alex Ferguson didn't always see eye-to-eye would be an understatement.

Two of the most explosive figures in the history of the beautiful game, the former Manchester United pair shared a tempestuous relationship during their time together at Old Trafford.

From a bust-up during a pre-season trip in Portugal to the uproar from the Irishman's infamous MUTV interview, Keane and Ferguson clashed out on countless occasions, over all manner of issues.

However, despite their evident differences, the United duo did find one thing they could agree on back in the day.

Sir Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane rarely saw eye-to-eye during their time at Manchester United (Image: John Peters/Getty Images)

As the Premier League's frozen foreigners desperately sought any means necessary to gain even the slightest warmth during Britain's icy winters, snoods became all the rage circa 2010.

Though the controversial neck warmers caused quite the stir when they arrived on the football scene, they were good for something: uniting Keane and Ferguson, who shared a mutual detest for the clothing accessary.

It was, in fact, the legendary Scot himself who initiated the stamping out of the snood movement when he became the first manager to ban his players from wearing them back in December 2010.

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Snoods became a fashionable football trend in the Premier League circa 2010

"They're for powder puffs," the former United gaffer blasted. "Real men don't wear things like that. Get em off."

And Ferguson's was an opinion also upheld by his former Red Devils captain.

During his time as manager of Ipswich Town, on the subject of players wearing snoods, Keane stated: "I don't know why they do it. It's strange. Gloves, scarves, I mean someone came on for Manchester City recently with a hat on.

"Don't get me started on it — I don't know how you could focus on a game when you've got something wrapped around your neck. It's weird, but that's the modern player I'm afraid. They've all gone soft.

Sepp Blatter banned footballers from wearing snoods during matches, labelling them "dangerous" (Image: Getty Images)

"I think John Barnes used to wear gloves, but that boy could play. But it's not just gloves now — it's tights and this kind of scarf thing. I just can't figure it out."

And the United pair weren't the only ones to possess a mutual dislike for the circular scarves, with shamed former FIFA president Sepp Blatter branding them "dangerous" as he imposed a ban in 2011.

"A snood is not part of the equipment and it can be dangerous," Blatter declared. "The decision was unanimous. There was not even a discussion because this is not part of the uniform.

"I was a player in both winter and summer weather and I never wore a snood. We must pay attention to the laws of the game. It was rejected unanimously not only by the board today but, before, by all the technical staff and by the secretary-generals. It’s a non-issue."

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